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Is it only Tuesday? November 13, 2007

Posted by Natasha in The Daily Grind.

Tired tonight, but feeling good. Worked my arse off at the gym, then headed down to the beach with the dog. Have come to the conclusion that we need to stock up on snackage that isn’t shite. Case in point: Came home, hungry. Planned on going to the gym, open pantry. What do I see? Half empty bag of doritos, box of biscuits, block of chocolate. Two guesses what I snack on. It’s not what I want… but there was seriously nothing else I could eat in the space of a few minutes. So I then head off to the gym.

50 mins cardio, 20 mins weights. Feel good, but have pulled up a bit sore.

Had the concert last night, kids did really well. Played for about 90 minutes straight at rehearsal yesterday, hard work after not practicing  for 2 months! Evil B Boy number 2 came up to me afterwards, “Hey Miss, you rocked!” Thought he was taking the piss, but evidently not. Funny!

Kids were really good today, given the lack of Evil B Boy number 1. Can’t wait til next year.

Much housework to do, many reports to write.

And its bed time.



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