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This Week Sucks… And It’s Only Wednesday November 28, 2007

Posted by Natasha in News and Drivel.

Monday – The sore throat and snuffles from Sunday night turn into a full-blown cold. I spend most of the day sleeping.

Tuesday – Back to work. Horrible, busy day, where I don’t even get to the toilet until 4:00pm. Come home, want to sleep because I still feel like shite, but no… I have to prepare for the PD by making a presentation and preparing a maths resource. Decide to help Mr G by taking some pictures, and I drop my camera (My awesome Minolta Dimage Z1 that I got for my 21st), and it breaks. Woohoo.

Wednesday – running late as Mr G has had a shitful night’s sleep. Just scrape into the PD on time, which is actually rather boring, and really I’d probably get more done if I were at school. Get home tonight, with the intention of writing reports, fall asleep, wake up ten minutes before puppy school, rush out the door, etc… (I stand in Zappy poo at puppy school but thats not that big a deal). When I get home, Mum drops the bombshell. She thinks Timmie needs to be put down. My Timmie. The puppy I got when I was 16. He has advanced dental disease, and Mum can’t afford to get him treated. It’s all a bit up in the air…

But so far, this week sucks.



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