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Another Week December 3, 2007

Posted by Natasha in The Daily Grind.

How did it get to be Monday again? I know this seems to be a common theme around here, but I seriously can’t keep track of where the days are going. Its December already, people, how on Earth did that happen?

Last week didn’t get to be dramatically worse, just ridiculously busy. The last of the Birthday run happened on Saturday, with the celebration of my baby brother’s 18th birthday! So Happy Birthday, Dougalugs, here’s to finally growing up!

In other news, I need to hit the Gym this week. Didn’t make it all last week, due to the dreaded lurgies and general shittiness (Hence also the lack of Friday Fess Up). Also, Cheque came through on Friday, and one of these days when I get myself to a bank during business hours, I might be able to get myself debt free! Woot!

In other news still, and rather disturbingly… How can I make the puppy stop eating cat poo?? I’ll leave that thought right there.

Aaaand… You! You right there! You who happen to be one of the people who stumble along here (probably with a search for a Clare Bowditch Lyric – right?) Wave! Say hi! I promise not to bite too hard! (Unless of course you’d like me to…) Leave a comment… Please?



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