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News December 14, 2007

Posted by Natasha in Uncategorized.

Yesterday could easily have ended as yuckily as it started… But it didn’t.

I spent the afternoon/early evening at work, tying balloons and contorting them into strange shapes. By 6pm I was knackered, and not feeling at all enthused once I got home, and Mr G suggested we go to the beach. He wanted to go to a nice beach, to go snorkelling, but as I was exhausted, I suggested that no, it really was getting rather late, and perhaps we should just go local. We did.

Once we hit the water, it was snorkels & flippers on, and away we went. I had a few moments of confusion when I found I was heading in the opposite direction to which I had thought, and ended up a long way from Mr G. I swam over to him, to find him holding a little wooden box inside a small plastic bag.

“Tash, look what I’ve found!”

“What is that? What is it?”

“I think you should open it”

(Insert look of shocked surprise here, as I open the little box)

“Tash, will you marry me?”




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