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The Honeymoon April 6, 2009

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I will admit that I am backdating these. All of these posts are written from notes that we wrote during our trip.


We wake up at Arthur’s Seat to the incredible views. Breakfast consists of a fresh loaf of home baked bread, and we decide to take the remainder of the loaf with us, along with all the condiments we can find.

We head home, finish off the final packing, check our emails, and make the all important Facebook marital status updates. People have already started to post photos, but we don’t linger, dreading being one of those couples that live-blogs their honeymoon.

We drive Mixy to Mum’s, show the photos from my camera to Mum, D, G&G. D Drives us to the airport. I pick up the suitcase awkwardly and manage to burst a little blood vessel in my right ring finger, making it impossible to remove Mum’s ring, which I still have on from yesterday.

Not long after our departure, we are surprised to hear our names being called over the PA in the plane, as “very special guests who are travelling with Virgin Blue on their honeymoon”! We turn around to see the hostie with a bottle of chamgpagne! The flight is otherwise uneventful.

We arrive in Brisbane, and have a short stopover before getting back onto the plane. We arrive in Cairns 3 hours later, and we are floored by the humidity, even late at night. Cairns International Airport seems to closely resemble a shack, complete with shipping containers as boarding gates.

When we get to baggage collection, there is the usual slight nervous feeling as we wait for our luggage. Mine comes around, but we are getting more and more agitated sa Mr G’s fails to appear. Gradually, the lounge empties, and it is clear his bag is not going to appear. We head to passenger services, and they eventually find his bag. We find our driver, who takes us to Palm Cove.

When we arrive at Mango Lagoon, I am tired, hot, bothered, and snarky. I have a minor meltdown because – of all things – I can’t make the airconditioner work. I finally work out how to call the after hours receptionist, who I am sure is delighted to be woken by me, and sort it out. Instant calm. Don’t think it will be turned off in a hurry!

Over my initial attack of the bitch, we are delighted to see the pool that is mere metres away from our door. We are quick to test it out.

Realising we are starving, and having had little of substance since our loaf of bread, we decide to order a pizza. We had to walk down an unknown road, in an unfamiliar town, un the dark, with noone around to pick it up. We get lost, walk back twice, then ring the shop to ask for directions. Finally we get to have our pizza on the beach, near the stinger net. I head to the water’s edge, and I am shocked to feel the temperature of the water – it feels like a bath at nearly 11pm! We took our time walking back, until Mr G fell down some stairs. He is ok apart from a bit of a twisted ankle, and a few skinned patches.

The whole esplanade is paved with bricks, and we walk back looking for a short cut. Epic Fail. We resolve to get a hire car on Tuesday.



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