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The Year of Living Frugally April 15, 2009

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We got married 10 days ago, and are currently around $10,000 in debt. In 12 months, we want to buy a house. Sounds impossible, but I want to make it happen.


Renting is expensive. Rent, utilities, food, travel, luxuries… they cost a fortune. Our plan would not be possible without the very generous support of our families, and a lot of sacrifice on our behalf. We’re going to move in with my in-laws. They have a reasonably sized room above their garage, and limited storage space, so we’re downsizing from our 2 bedroom unit and moving in there. We don’t, however, want to have to buy things in 12 months that we already had, so I’m currently in the midst of working out what we really, actually need. Hopefully this will also go some way to solving our mess and clutter issues.


I hate moving. I’ve done it twice in the last 3 years. Every time, it starts with a massive clean out of junk. That’s the stage I’m in at the moment. My favoured strategy is working room by room, cleaning and clearing out as I go.

The Bedroom

We have 2 built in robes. DH has the wardrobe in the study, I have the wardrobe in the bedroom. Theyre both pretty big, and mine is overflowing. I haven’t counted, but I must have at least 50 tops. This perhaps suggests a reason why washing and laundry is such a huge issue for us. I need to get rid of clothes, desperately.


I had been collecting house stuff since I was 16. I moved out of home at almost 23. DH had lived out of home a few times before moving in with me, and at 33, had had lots of time to collect lots of ‘useful’ things. We ended up with at least 2 (usually more) of pretty much every kitchen item, and a whole lot of other things. We need to get rid of all this stuff!!


Love them, hate them. Love having them, and having an impressive library, hate having to store them. For now, they go into storage.

Storage, about that.

We toyed with the idea of getting a self storage unit, but will instead use the as-yet-unfinished home theatre of B&SIL.



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