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And we’ll be moving right along… July 6, 2009

Posted by Natasha in Infertility, Life, News and Drivel, The Daily Grind.
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The holidays finally rolled around, although they currently feel like a myth.

I have to spend an insane amount of time preparing for term 3. I have a new teaching partner, my previous one having jumped ship; and we’re doing an all-new program. The basic premise is to have every single lesson prepared and copied and ready to go on day one. Sounds simple enough, the problem though is that it requires 120 lessons to be pre-prepped. Madness.

Other “holiday” tasks have included some more spring cleaning – trying to sort out the barn, and get it back to some semblance of organisation. Car borrowing, trailer hire, tip trip, furniture moving in the rain, rushing to beat closing time at Bunnings.

A girly night in a hotel in the city for a birthday, a day cruising the countryside after an ill-timed trip to scienceworks, a day with the grandparents and the puppy wandering around Dockland… The first week of holidays disappeared quickly.

Today saw the start of the week dawn with me in an absolutely feral mood. I have no idea why, and had no ability to control it, but thankfully by the time we walked out of the counsellor’s office at the IVF clinic, it had dissipated. The counselling session felt somewhat like a token effort: rather trite. Still, its another hoop that we have to jump through.



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