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Self injecting July 26, 2009

Posted by Natasha in Infertility.
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Is totally over-rated.

I loaded up the Puregon pen, dialled it 50, swabbed, made DH come and look (because I’m mean like that), paused for about 5 seconds, saying “This is very strange”… then gently put it in, expectantly.

I couldn’t even feel it.

At all.

Pressed the button, expecting a sting.

Nothing. Not even the tiniest bit of pain. Squeezing my flab was more painful (and even then, not really).

Very, very strange.

Jab 3 tonight, back to the Vampire on Tuesday morning.



1. emmie - July 28, 2009

i have received my 1st shot of puregon this morning. And i’m scared of doing it myself. Reading your blog about self-injecting gives me a bit of courage.

tashish - July 28, 2009

All the best Emmie – I’m 100% sure you will be fine! I seriously can’t believe how little it hurts! I pinched my finger in the case earlier tonight, and that hurt more! 🙂

Good luck on your journey.

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