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I worry… August 16, 2009

Posted by Natasha in Life.
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That sometimes, I am not a very good friend.

I caught up with a friend for lunch today, I haven’t seen her since our wedding. We met at uni, and while I would not call us *close* friends, I wonder whether we may have become this way, had I made more of an effort. This girl has, on many occasions, now that I think of it, made many moves to extend our friendship, and I worry that I have let myself become too introverted to even notice.

She mentioned that she had been dealing with depression, which was surprise enough in itself. Then, a little later on, she told me that two months ago, she had attempted suicide, and was very, very close to being successful. She knew what she was doing, it was very well thought out, and the ambulance nearly found her dead.

This has shaken me to the core. I can not imagine how I would have felt, if I had heard that she had taken her life.

I need to make more effort, with ALL of my friends. They are far too precious, and I don’t let them know it often enough.



1. Journeywoman - August 17, 2009

I have had friends attempt suicide. It scared me to the core. All you can do is push them to get help–professional help.

It has nothing to do with how you are as a friend.

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