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Shameless Pimping August 23, 2009

Posted by Natasha in News and Drivel.
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My wonderful Husband, Mr G, has revived his blog!

He intends to provide one of those elusive male voices in the IF blogosphere, but also writes about many varied things.

If you would like to see what he has to say, you can check him out here!



1. ^WiseGuy^ - August 23, 2009


Thanks for the link!!!

Happy ICLW! And may your dream for parenthood be realized!

2. Kristin - August 24, 2009

Good to here he’s blogging again. We need men who are willing to talk about infertility.

I am sorry y’all have had such a rough road and that your recent attempt wasn’t a success. It is so hard when your hopes rise only tp not have it work.


3. In Due Time - August 24, 2009

Thanks for sharing! I wish my SO would blog, but he won’t. Bummer!

Happy ICLW!

4. Wishing4One - August 24, 2009

Yeah can’t wait to read a mans perspective…. Thanks for sharing link. – ICLW

5. M - August 24, 2009

i’m glad to come across another male perspective. i find it a fascinating glimpse into the mind! thanks for ‘pimping’ 😉

also thanks for the injection tip! it didn’t work with the cetrotide unfortunately… but i think that is because the needle is longer than the ones on the pens. oh well, hopefully it is only a couple more days!


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