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Feeling better September 21, 2009

Posted by Natasha in Infertility, Life.
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And, holidays are here!

Truly the best bit about this job, is that I’m never more than 12 weeks away from my next break. Which is just the way it should be!

1 Month and 1 day since the crimson announcement that IUI #1 didn’t work. I think I’ve made some progress.

Today, I decided to lay in the hammock in the sunshine with my beautiful little niece, who promptly fell asleep. This didn’t even make me want to crumple into a ball and cry for a week.

Perhaps its because she, at all of 13 months, is most definitely not a baby any more. Don’t get me wrong, I want a child more than anything else on earth, but my personal trigger for plunging into a deep, dark hole seems to be anything ‘baby’ related.

Or perhaps, it is because in the last month I have made a concerted effort to find other things to obsess over. I’ve been sewing like crazy, I’ve been playing with the camera, and fine tuning my photoshop skills. I have been talking to people outside the ALI world. You know, actually connecting with people face-to-face. Amazing.

We’re not cycling this month. We are moving out of the Outlaws and into the Grandparent Coccoon. This makes me Very Happy. It will be happening this weekend, if Mr. G is feeling healthy again (I of course have been sick for the last fortnight, but now that he has man-flu – OH NOES!!!).

I intend to do some research over the next fortnight about our options re finance for IVF. Otherwise, we will definitely do IUI#2 in October. Right now, I’m just loving September.

ICLW kicks off again today/tomorrow (depending on where you are in the world). Hi to people visiting via there 🙂 I really will try not to be such a puddle of misery this month!!



1. Low Fat Lady - September 22, 2009

I’m sorry your IUI didn’t work. It’s great that you are keeping busy with all of those great hobbies. I need to find some to keep me occupied.

2. Jem - September 22, 2009

I am so glad you are feeling better. I just found your post through ICLW and am also facing MFI. Mr. Jem wouldn’t entertain dIUI, so we are currently in CD9 of IVF with ICSI. Fun!


3. babybaker - September 22, 2009

enjoy september! who knows what will happen. i’ve been following along for some time but don’t think i’ve ever commented. now with ICLW, i really wanted to let you know that i’m rooting for you!

4. Kristin - September 22, 2009

Good luck with your upcoming move and with decisions about the next step in your IF journey.

And, congrats on being aboe to snuggle your niece.

What have you been sewing?


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