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10dp2dt, still nothing… December 5, 2009

Posted by Natasha in IVF.
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… Except a blindingly white space where there should be a second line. I really don’t think I’m pregnant.

The contigency plan is seeking answers. I want to know why, at 26, I didn’t respond properly. 36 follies that only grew to roughly 10mm? What’s that about?? Will different drug regimes yield better results? We can’t keep doing stim cycles for 1 egg, we might as well do iui’s!

(interestingly, they’re happy to do dIUI, but when it comes to Ivf with donor sperm, they insist on ICSI, because apparently they have more success!! What’s that saying about the real success rates for dIUI?)

I feel defective. The egg meets sperm part was supposed to be the biggest hurdle. What if I have crappy egg issues to deal with too?



1. Rach - December 5, 2009

Oh honey, I know how hard it is to feel your failing, that you body isn’t doing the one thing that should come natural to it but you are more than your ovaries, as I’ve come to realise myself.

Is there any sign that AF is on it’s way? You could still be but just not showing on a HPT, alot of people experience that.

Most importantly, know that we’re all rootin for ya and I’m keeping everything crossed for a positive outcome!


2. babybaker - December 6, 2009

any new news? 12dpo is still early to get a positive. everyone is different so some get them early, while others get them later. i’m keeping everything crossed that you get a BFP on 12dp2dt!

tashish - December 6, 2009

Rach, you are truly beautiful, thankyou so much.

I’m sitting here in tears…

This morning, I can see a second line. Its soooo faint, but hubby can see it (and he is nowhere near as prone to self-delusion as I am)

I have my bloods tomorrow… but today, I’m calling myself pregnant.

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