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Early, scary days. Aka insomnia. December 7, 2009

Posted by Natasha in IVF.
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Aka if it’s 430 am on Monday, is it too early to pee on another stick?


I haven’t started bleeding, but every time I notice the crinone I think I have.


I really hope I have 8 months left of this, and that somewhere it gets easier. (I am dubious about the latter, terrified to be even thinking about the former)


3 hours to beta. 7 or so until that phone call.



1. Rach - December 7, 2009

Ok in order…..

1. No, pee as much as you need and want to AND on as many sticks as you wish…if you run out, a quick walk round your backgarden should yield some decent sticks to pee on, just watch out for the sharp sticky out pointy bits – OUCH!

2. You AREN’T bleeding, it was a BIT in that icky Crinone, think positive honey!

3. It WILL last for another 8 months – tho come 8 months preggo lets see how much you “just want this thing outta me!” LOL. and no honey, you’ve been in the infertility trenches…so it won’t get easier, well not until you’re holding you bub in your arms.

4. Roll on getting pricked by the needle and can’t wait for the results!!!

Thinking of you today honey!


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