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Waiting. Yes, Again. December 11, 2009

Posted by Natasha in IVF, miscarriage.
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The absolute worst kind.

“I’m very sorry, with your levels the way they are, the continued bleeding and cramping, you have probably already miscarried. If not, you will within a week”

I haven’t yet.

This part really scares me.

I have no idea what to expect.

We wait again.


She was full of meaningless platitudes…

“At least you know you can get pregnant”

“It’s just one of those things”

“If it was a normal pregnancy, you might not even know about it”

“You’re young, the clock’s not ticking, you’ve got plenty of time”

“It’s worse because of the hormonal rollercoaster you’ve been on”

It’s all bullshit.


I’m not even going to start on being forced to sit in a waiting room with the woman directly opposite and her 6 month old baby, already showing a perfect little baby bump. Or the woman to my right, baby in pram, toddler at hand, and a belly about to pop.

Then being shunted off to a dingy corridor, lest my uncontrollable tears upset all the pregnant women.



1. Rach - December 11, 2009

Grrr it annoys me how infertiles seem to get the short end of the stick when it comes to care in hospitals…grrrr at the nurse and her “meaning well comments”. I pull people up on their “meaning well” comments these days, if I don’t, no one will and they’ll never learn and yes they need to learn.

Once again I’m so sorry hon, I truly am xxx

2. jill - December 11, 2009

Sending more *hug*s! So very sorry this is happening to you.

I heard those same comments when I was in my 20’s (except “At least you know you can get pregnant.”) Don’t listen to them! They can’t even imagine how you feel so they just say stupid shit. I was so angry when things like that were said to me. You have every right to feel all the things you are feeling.

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