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8 days. December 14, 2009

Posted by Natasha in Infertility, IVF, miscarriage.

My HCG is back to 10. By tomorrow, I will be officially un-pregnant. Admittedly, the part of me that was still hopeful was disappointed that a miraculous eight hundred and something hadn’t appeared, but I was unsurprised.

8 days from pink line on a  pee stick to being just an infertile woman having her period. I should be 5 weeks pregnant.

Instead, I was back at the RE, seeing him turn into the man with a plan.

Given my reponse, or lack thereof, to the IVF meds, my PCOS diagnosis is official. And with it comes a plan.


I get to take a nice little cocktail of pills – metformin, BCP’s and my prenatal vitamins. I find that combination amusing. Over the next 3 months, before we cycle again, this should help to bump off some weight and regulate my cycles.

Enjoyably, it also means no period for 3 months. Bonus.

That will lead into a down reg cycle, with 225 units of FSH rather than 150. I’m not convinced its high enough, but I have to trust that the combo of drugs will make a difference.

I asked about clotting issues and immunity testing. His opinion of immunity testing is that its “Quackery”. He is reluctant to test for clotting issues unless I have another miscarriage.

I’m not sure how I feel about the miscarriage.

We went down the Peninsula on the weekend.

I stood on the cliff tops, being buffeted by the wind. I screamed at the world, and said goodbye to our baby.

It’s not that I haven’t cried since, but I feel more peaceful.



1. Rach - December 14, 2009

Sometimes it takes time for whats happened to hit…I still haven’t dealt with my last two miscarriages and I don’t know at which point I will but it will come in it’s own time.

I’m so sorry that you’re having to go through this, I truly am.

Re the testing. If it’s something that you feel strongly about….really push to have it done, it’s your right as a patient.

Big hugs honey

2. autoimmunelife - December 14, 2009

I’m so sorry. 😦 It’s so hard. 😦 ((hugs))

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