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From the mouths of babes… June 25, 2010

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What is happening to our girls.

This week, I have heard some truly disturbing, horrifying things, that our teenage girls are up to.

Some of the sexual behaviours that they are partaking in, I don’t even want to record here, for fear of the google traffic that I might pick up. But I can assure you that they are some of the most demeaning things I have ever heard. It’s probably enough to say that they regularly take place in a school toilet, there are cameras involved, and while even that sounds unsavoury, it is SO MUCH worse than you could ever imagine.

These kids are 13, 14, 15…

At the risk of sounding like an old codger, what is wrong with these kids? I left school less than ten years ago. I went to your average, rough, outer suburban public school. There was certainly a lot of stuff happening that shouldnt have been. But the girls that were sleeping around, weren’t looked upon favourably, they were the topic of hushed conversation. Now, the MAJORITY of kids are sexually active, by year 9. I really feel for those poor kids who do decide to wait – when I was at school it was unusual not to have kissed a boy by 15 – now you’re a freak if you haven’t slept with them by this age!

I overheard a conversation today in which one young lady, year nine, was relating the story of how she had told a boy that their baby would have been born this coming Monday. This was said at the top of her voice, in front of a whole class and myself, and rather than being received with shock, the other girls were laughing along with her. One of the other girls has a young baby. How did abortion become a suitable topic for banter?

These girls are regularly involved in full on fist fights – I’ve had to break up a few this year myself.¬†They think nothing of smashing someone who has offended them in any way. Their fights are incredibly violent, and often result in significant injuries. I have seen whiplash, after a fist-full of hair was ripped out at the roots.

I doubt that these behaviours are limited to the young people that I work with, I am sure they are happening everywhere.

How can we make a difference?

Strange June 21, 2010

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Infertility and loss, and the grief that go along with them, are strange. I have been so good – ok – fine, even… For months now.
Today, I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Realisations… Planning work for the period I should have been going on leave… Stupid comments, directed at other people, yet still awful… Suspicions… I think a friend is waiting for the right time to tell me about number two… Dread… My life has been free of pregnant-people-I-see-regularly for around 3 weeks, for the first time in at least 3 years… Waiting for the axe to fall.
Those events that were ‘will I be able to do that while heavily pregnant’ are on the horizon.

Which means that so is August 16.

Make the World Safe Again June 6, 2010

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I think that’s finally sorted.

It should be safe again here now.

I am truly sorry to those who I may have force fed anything difficult.