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Best of intentions January 2, 2011

Posted by Natasha in Life.

I started with the best of intentions. Not only was I going to revive and stick to my project 365, but I was going to blog *something* every day.

I’m not going to navel gaze on 2010, other than to say that it was, ultimately, better than 2009. I am in an infinitely better head space than the one I was in 12 months ago.

So those good intentions… Hmm, well after an awesome NYE at the beach, with a delicious gourmet picnic dinner, swimming for the first time this summer, and fun times with Mr G; yesterday morning I came down with some kind of crazy food poisoning. All kinds of awesome, I can assure you. It’s nearly midday on Jan 2, and I just ate for the first time this year.

So this year… Not ‘resolutions’, but goals….

1. More consistency. I have these bursts of wonderful adult like behaviour, cooking, cleaning, paying bills, living healthy. Then, I don’t know, I get bored or something, and fall back into old habits. This year I want to improve that, and live more positively, and consistently.

2. Take time to stop, breathe, and do things for me. Reading, my own photography, writing more. Find that elusive work-life balance.

3. Get healthy. We’re not cycling again until my body and our finances are healthier. Need to work on that. Back on the meds, off the chocolate, back at the gym. Enough said.

I think it will be a good year.



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