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Day-to-day January 10, 2011

Posted by Natasha in Uncategorized.

Not much happening around here at the moment. We’re going away camping on Thursday, so we’re slowly getting organised for that.

Most days are starting late, and finishing late. It takes me only a couple of days of holidays to become nocturnal, so by mid January my preferred sleeping patterns are almost completely reversed.

It’s a funny old summer here, rainy, humid, and very mild. I’d have that over crazy 40+ days any time, but it is a bit odd.

On the diet front, I’m getting rather sick of salads, so i think I’ll spend tomorrow gathering some tasty ones off the net.

The big dilemma is, when we go camping, what to eat then? Half the fun of camping is cooking up delicious meals! And having tasty snacks! What to do, what to do…

Yep, huge issues to deliberate here.



1. jill - January 13, 2011

I say eat camping food and have fun but in moderation and bring some high fiber and high protein snacks.

Hope the camping trip goes well 🙂 I love it but rarely get to go.

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