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Crazy week (8w4d) April 21, 2012

Posted by Natasha in Finally Pregnant!, The Daily Grind.
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Haven’t been posting much. Typical boring-once-pregnant IFer. Sorry.

All is still good, yesterday was the first in weeks that I’ve felt normal – good even. The kids worked hard, I felt effective for a change, and I made it to the late afternoon before crashing. Hopefully a tiny preview of what’s to come! Because it felt amazing!

Boy have I paid the price today. This is a lovely milestone – I threw up while brushing my teeth. WTF! Anyway, that’s revolting, so no more about that. Still trying to get through this wretched essay. I force out about 100 words, then feel an overwhelming need to nap. Very efficient!

All seems to be going well in Fuzzy Land, hooray! I have my first obstetrician appointment on Monday, and I’m really hoping he has an US machine so I can have another peek. Toying with the idea of getting a Doppler, but not sure if the tummy flub will stop it from working well, and therefore stress me out. Maybe no news is good news?


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