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Unexpected benefits July 28, 2012

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I’ve been overweight for as long as I can remember. In the last ten years, very much so.

This has brought an unexpected benefit to my pregnancy… I am not struggling at all with my body and the changes it’s undergoing – quite the opposite actually, I think it’s great! Now admittedly, in the last 23 weeks I’ve lost 9 kg, and only recovered one so far, in the last week. So it’s not like I’m dealing with ballooning. But even if I was, I wouldn’t care. Stretch marks? So what? Saggy bits? Eh, who cares.

It’s nice, for once in my life, not to be worried about this stuff.

Thumper July 24, 2012

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The vibrations and flutters of the past six or so weeks have progressed to actual poking, kicking, wow that’s a baby in there, movements.

This is the part that I dreamed about.

And it is every little bit as good as I had hoped.

This journey? The before I mean? That endless, painful, treacherous roller coaster?

It’s so, so worth it.

20 Week Scan July 10, 2012

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Face down, sound asleep. Looking perfect ❤

Half Baked July 9, 2012

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I wrote a post a little while ago that seems to have disappeared completely.

In summary, it said:
All is still well.
Life is crazy.
I am still sick.
I am still in awe of my body.
We’re having a baby boy.

Today marks the official half way point.

Tomorrow I have another scan, to hopefully confirm what we found out at 16 weeks – that our Fuzzy is of the boy variety! He’s finally kicking me hard enough that I know it’s him (I’ve felt ‘something’ since early June, but not convinced that it was him).

I have been a terrible blogger, I know. I don’t even know what’s holding me back. This period of my pregnancy has felt like a calm before an impending storm. Some days, I still don’t really feel pregnant.

But then I catch my reflection, and the belly that finally says ‘baby’ not ‘blubber’. I feel the firm basketball bump underneath the flab. I feel the tiny little pokes and flutters coming ever so strangely from within. I feel the fiercely overwhelming urge to protect our son from the world.

And I start to realise, that maybe I’m not playing make-believe after all.