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This is it November 16, 2012

Posted by Natasha in motherhood.
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This it it.

This is why I did it. Why I poked myself with needles, spent all that money, had all those tests, took all those drugs, cried all those tears, waited. Waited. Waited. Tried, tried again. And again.

Because if I hadn’t. If I had ever succumbed to those niggling voices. If I hadn’t forced myself to pick myself up from the depths of despair, if I had given up…

Then I wouldnt be sitting here tonight, snuggling my tiny son to my chest, one week after he was born, spending our first night together, hearing him breathe, feeling him move against my skin, listening to his tiny sighs, squawks and grunts, falling in love with him more and more as each second passes.

I am shedding many more tears tonight. But for the first time, they are tears of relief, and pure, unadulterated joy.

Elliott is here.

It Is Time November 9, 2012

Posted by Natasha in Finally Pregnant!, Life.
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Today is our baby’s birthday.

He’s not here yet but he will be soon.

I’ll share more soon.

Full Term November 5, 2012

Posted by Natasha in Finally Pregnant!.
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Well here we are at the end.

In many ways, the end of this pregnancy is shaping up to be just like the beginning… Obsessive checking for any little sign, increasing nausea, constant need to sleep/insomnia, lack of energy, the dreams and nightmares that haunt me in the wee hours… The list goes on.

But there is something else.

The kicks, rolls and punches that are sometimes so strong they shock me and make me jump. Being able to press on my belly and distinguish between a bum or a foot.

The knowledge that by next week I should be holding this baby in my arms…

Back up. Next week?

Yep. My blood pressure continues to buggerise around, so I’m being induced next week. I was admitted to hospital overnight last week, and while Fuzzy is fine, my body is increasingly less so… So next week it is.

Lets see if there really is a baby at the end of this.