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Thumper July 24, 2012

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The vibrations and flutters of the past six or so weeks have progressed to actual poking, kicking, wow that’s a baby in there, movements.

This is the part that I dreamed about.

And it is every little bit as good as I had hoped.

This journey? The before I mean? That endless, painful, treacherous roller coaster?

It’s so, so worth it.


20 Week Scan July 10, 2012

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Face down, sound asleep. Looking perfect ❤

Half Baked July 9, 2012

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I wrote a post a little while ago that seems to have disappeared completely.

In summary, it said:
All is still well.
Life is crazy.
I am still sick.
I am still in awe of my body.
We’re having a baby boy.

Today marks the official half way point.

Tomorrow I have another scan, to hopefully confirm what we found out at 16 weeks – that our Fuzzy is of the boy variety! He’s finally kicking me hard enough that I know it’s him (I’ve felt ‘something’ since early June, but not convinced that it was him).

I have been a terrible blogger, I know. I don’t even know what’s holding me back. This period of my pregnancy has felt like a calm before an impending storm. Some days, I still don’t really feel pregnant.

But then I catch my reflection, and the belly that finally says ‘baby’ not ‘blubber’. I feel the firm basketball bump underneath the flab. I feel the tiny little pokes and flutters coming ever so strangely from within. I feel the fiercely overwhelming urge to protect our son from the world.

And I start to realise, that maybe I’m not playing make-believe after all.

Second Trimester May 22, 2012

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Well life has gone crazy and I find myself in the second trimester!

The last few weeks have involved us applying for and getting a new house, and starting the epic move; Uni; school work (marking and reports); and of course, continued awe that I am in fact growing a tiny wriggly person!

The NT scan last week was great, all results look good, and our odds of any nasties are nice and low. At the obs appointment a few days later, he told me we’re ‘out of the danger period’, which is great to hear officially.

Fuzzy wasn’t cooperating to give us any more info about his/her gender, although I am convinced we’ll be seeing a lot of pink in the future 🙂

Picture time, yes?


Dear baby, enough with the stress, ok?? May 9, 2012

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Another surprise scan this afternoon, which as we know isn’t actually a good thing. More bleeding/spotting. For no apparent reason. Humph!


The sonographer, on her super fancy pants equipment… Told me she can tell what we are having!

This isn’t going to be public knowledge until probably 20 weeks, but I am so, so excited!!

Final progesterone (10w5d) May 5, 2012

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Despite still being on a cocktail of pills (metformin & vitamins – found out earlier this week that I am severely vitamin D deficient), I just took the final dose of the drug that I credit with keeping me pregnant to this point. Particularly give the bleeding, which has slowed to occasional, very mild brown over the last couple of days, this makes me very nervous. I have no mores scripts, no more doses. I was meant to stop on Monday gone, but had been weaning down since last Saturday. Praying that the placenta is hard at work doing its job.

No more scares please, Fuzzy!

Photo time May 3, 2012

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Pure, sweet relief May 3, 2012

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Our baby is fine. Perfectly happy wriggling away, with a lovely strong heartbeat of 167. No visible reason for the bleeding.
Seeing our baby move… Indescribable.
Thankyou God.

10w3d, please let this be a scare May 3, 2012

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I’ve woken up bleeding. Not super heavy, mostly brown, no cramping at the moment. Please God let our baby be safe.

Maternity clothing madness April 25, 2012

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I made the leap.

I walked into a maternity store, and nobody laughed or told me I was being stupid.

I bought maternity clothes.

And oh boy, they are the most comfortable pieces of clothing I have EVER owned. Putting those things on is a special kind of bliss, the bloat can roam free!! (and it kind of looks less like too much creamy pasta, and more like a real belly – though I hold no illusions about it being anything other than flub).

Oh, and no wonder the boobs are sore… FOUR cup sizes!! Nice work, progesterone!