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32 weeks October 2, 2012

Posted by Natasha in Finally Pregnant!.
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32 weeks. That sounds like someone who is significantly pregnant. And indeed it appears I am. Yesterday a brave former coworkers dared to offer me congratulations, so either she is jut very brave, or I’m finally at that point where the bump says baby.

People ask me how I’m feeling, tell me that im glowing. These are the people that see me between 10am and around 9pm. At these times, I’m usually feeling pretty great. But after that, the opposite happens. The whinge d’jour is heartburn. Oh my goodness, it is awful. And also why I am currently sitting on my recliner wide awake at half past three. The poor dog is quite unsettled by me being out of bed, and I don’t think Mr G knows what to do with me either, bless him, I know he’d take over in an instant given the chance.

Bubs continues to do well, as far as I know. He will have a stretch of days of being lovely and active, jumping around and making me giggle with his big kicks. He tends to spend his says head down bum up, and nights sideways, at least if the kicks are anything to judge by. Then he has quieter days that worry me, but if I stop and concentrate, I can still feel him moving around. Growing boys need their rest, I suppose.

55 days until D day, and 65 max until we get to meet this little person.

In our last semester of Uni before graduation, we had a lecturer explain to us that the reason final semester was such a PITA was to help us be ready to be forcibly ejected into reality. I think third trimester is doing the same thing. I could really have spent a long time in second trimester, enjoying being pregnant. I am still enjoying it, each little kick, each little milestone, each little moment that makes me feel like a Mum is a highlight in my day. But I am uncomfortable, and I am so ready to meet our little man.