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So, an update, hey? October 16, 2012

Posted by Natasha in Finally Pregnant!.
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It has been a busy busy busy few weeks.

3 weeks ago was the start of my holidays, which triggered a bit of a nesting frenzy. The house is only ever that clean in June or November, right around the time that reports are due. I got to catch up on glorious sleep, and decided I quite like this staying at home business.

Finally, I caved and asked the doctor for something that might help this relentless heartburn and nausea. Throwing up blood at 31weeks pregnant really isn’t my idea of super happy fun times. The maxalon is of questionable effectiveness, but the Zantac is a wonder drug.

I had my baby shower, which was a day spent eating tasty food and hanging out with great people. Fuzzy was incredibly spoilt, which is a trend I am certain will continue.

Then I had to go back to work. Ugh… You know when you just lay down in bed and get comfy, and you realise that you forgot to do something important but unpleasant, and that you have to get up and deal with it?? Yeah, going back to work was somewhat like that. I met my replacement, as did the kids. There was snarkiness and attitude from them, from one particularly lovely little thing, there were tears. Very cute.

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday brought celebrations and more gifts from my years 7s, subschool team, colleagues and year 8s, respectively. There was also a LOT of cake!

And then I was done. For the first time since 1998, I didn’t have a workplace to be at on Monday.

First antenatal class on Saturday was interesting, if slightly repetitive of things I already knew from my.. Ahem… Slightly obsessive reading/foruming/blogging/googling etc. Things got rather more eventful after we left, when I noticed my rings that had been falling off me only that morning, were now cutting into fingers that had exploded to look like fat little sausages. With ‘sudden swelling’ one of the things I was told to look for, I popped into a chemist to check my BP, only for it to come up as too high to read on two separate machines. Back to the hospital for monitoring, my BP was back to the high end of normal (so, normal for me), which was great, but they did a precautionary CTG, during which Fuzzy decided to jump around like a crazy thing, and prove that he was just fine in there, thanks very much!

Yesterday was our 34 week growth scan. And grow… That’s something that ‘little’ Fuzzy has done in spades. He is currently measuring at about 6pd10oz – or between 37 – 38 weeks. His head is 38+4, or off the charts in other words. I… Am kind of clenching in anticipation. That sounds painful. Plan of attack will be discussed on Friday when I see the dr again.


And now it’s nearly 6am, I’ve been awake for over an hour, taken my forgotten Zantac so hopefully this heartburn will settle soon, so I might try that amazing thing called sleep!