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Maintaining my sanity March 12, 2012

Posted by Natasha in IVF.
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It has been a busy few days in IVF land! Finally, time for a real post. The brief posting over the last few weeks is partly phone-related, partly because detachment from the process has helped, and
partly because I’m so damn busy. Full time work, new leadership role, part time Masters study, occasional photography work – it sounds stressful, but honestly I thrive on it, and it keeps me distracted.

We transferred a beautiful 5day blastocyst on Saturday morning. I’m not sure if I can post pictures from the tablet, so I will put one up once I’m back on the computer.

2 of the other embryos were at early blastocyst, and were to be frozen that afternoon, the other 3 slower ones (that I had expected to arrest) were, surprisingly at compacting/compacted morulas, and were being given an extra day to grow up big and strong. If they made it by yesterday they would be frozen as well. An incredible result from someone who had written herself off as a poor responder!!

I’ve felt ok – pretty zen unless I start reading blogs/forums/anything google turns up. Why can’t I stop that??

In the interest of convincing myself that all these “symptoms” are actually the bloody Crinone, a list:

This is what Crinone can do to you!!

Sore bbs (and veiny!) (and bigger!!)
Extremely tired
Vague food aversion (raw meat)
Somewhat achy, full sensation in uterine area (like period pain with the volume turned down)
Left side ovary pain last night that disturbed my sleep (probably a throw back to my ‘hard working’ left ovary during stimming)
Disgusting, lank oily hair
Gross oily skin
Higher HR
Digestive upset… Nice
Heightened sense of smell

The post-EPU bloat has returned today
And… Irritable! Sorry Mr G!

I will be POAS next Monday (14dpo). That’s when I got my first clear positive last time, and I realised that even though the pregnancy was short-lived, I was glad to have had the extra days.

I’m frustrated with the clinic today, I wanted to ring and check on our frosties – being a public holiday, the switchboard was only open from 1 until 2. Well, I rang every 5 minutes throughout the hour, only to be told the clinic was currently closed, and to call between 1pm and 2pm!! Ringing my nurse’s voicemail directly gave essentially the same information! So I don’t know how our frosties are going, or even if there are any there!

Off to find something desirable for dinner!


Early, scary days. Aka insomnia. December 7, 2009

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Aka if it’s 430 am on Monday, is it too early to pee on another stick?


I haven’t started bleeding, but every time I notice the crinone I think I have.


I really hope I have 8 months left of this, and that somewhere it gets easier. (I am dubious about the latter, terrified to be even thinking about the former)


3 hours to beta. 7 or so until that phone call.

Spots December 6, 2009

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Was doing the joyous crinone clear out a little while ago, and there was some blood in it.

I’m shaking.

Fear December 4, 2009

Posted by Natasha in IVF.
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Is the strongest feeling I have right now.

I POAS (FRER for those who might be curious) yesterday, and for a second I thought I saw a line.

I looked again, and no, there wasn’t anything.

I kept looking, and almost convinced myself that there was the smallest imaginable suggestion of a colour change where the line should be. But no.

It was 9dp2dt, and it was a BFN. However much I tried willing it to be otherwise.

I haven’t tested since.

I flit between thinking ‘maybe’, and then ‘it’s just the crinone’.

I don’t know what I feel. I don’t think I feel pregnant. But then, what does pregnant feel like?

I might test tomorrow.

I might wait for my Beta / Period.

I might be pregnant.

I might not be.

Today is Friday, tomorrow is Saturday, the next day is Sunday, and the day after that I will know for sure.

Baby, please stay.

Crinone is the bastard son of the Devil. November 29, 2009

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Severe Fatigue.


Memory… Wait, what was I saying?



Sore, swollen boobs.


Cottage Cheese.

Near-Certainty that this isn’t going to work.


Crinone – It’s the pregnancy you have when you’re not really pregnant!

Ready and Waiting October 30, 2009

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I had my appointment with Lovely Nurse yesterday, and she truly is one of the nicest people I have ever met.

My IVF protocol is very different to the IUI one – heaps more drugs, lots more monitoring.

I get a lot of people landing here looking for drug regimes, so for interest’s sake, here is the protocol that I will┬ábe on:

  • Day 2 – start 150 units of Gonal-F
  • Day 6 – Scan continue Gonal-F. If follicle development is on track, start Orgalutran
  • Continue with daily (?) bloods and scans, continue daily Orgalutran, Continue daily Gonal-F
  • Trigger with Ovidrel 38 hours before EPU.
  • LP support – Crinone Gel

I’m stuck here waiting for AF to show so that I can get going. I don’t need to say again how much I DETEST the waiting game!! I’m at about CD 33, so it should be some time soon… Hopefully over the weekend!