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6w6d April 8, 2012

Posted by Natasha in Finally Pregnant!, Life.
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It has been a very busy few days!

Thursday was our third wedding anniversary. Mr G spoiled me rotten, with beautiful flowers and delicious chocolates. But did I have a surprise planned for him!

For the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal, Qantas donated a number of ‘mystery flights’ – so I purchased a trip for Mr G and I! So off to Mysterious Adelaide we went! We spent the day doing a lot of walking and sightseeing. Highlights included seeing the Pandas and Primates at the zoo, and wandering through the botanic gardens. We were only in town for the day however, so headed back early in the evening. The flight back was rough due to turbulence, but with a full moon, thunderstorms and stunning cloud formations, it was a visual treat! Spectacular!

I struggled without my nap, and slept most of Saturday. Today we had a family Easter lunch, followed by a tour of the maternity hospital, where, all going well, we will deliver our baby. I had kind of hoped that it would suddenly feel a lot more ‘real’… But it doesn’t. There was a tiny premmie in the SCN… Hard to believe that a baby can be so small. I think I’m happy with our choice to deliver there – they seem quite holistic, and the facilities seem good. My only surprise was that despite having a great big bath in the delivery suite, you can’t use it once your water has broken. The only reason I would be inclined to change would be if I had complications that indicated I might deliver before 33 weeks – because that would result in the baby being taken to the local tertiary hospital (and separated from me).

Tomorrow we have another family lunch, and then I really need to get my arse into gear and do some Uni work!