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6w6d April 8, 2012

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It has been a very busy few days!

Thursday was our third wedding anniversary. Mr G spoiled me rotten, with beautiful flowers and delicious chocolates. But did I have a surprise planned for him!

For the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal, Qantas donated a number of ‘mystery flights’ – so I purchased a trip for Mr G and I! So off to Mysterious Adelaide we went! We spent the day doing a lot of walking and sightseeing. Highlights included seeing the Pandas and Primates at the zoo, and wandering through the botanic gardens. We were only in town for the day however, so headed back early in the evening. The flight back was rough due to turbulence, but with a full moon, thunderstorms and stunning cloud formations, it was a visual treat! Spectacular!

I struggled without my nap, and slept most of Saturday. Today we had a family Easter lunch, followed by a tour of the maternity hospital, where, all going well, we will deliver our baby. I had kind of hoped that it would suddenly feel a lot more ‘real’… But it doesn’t. There was a tiny premmie in the SCN… Hard to believe that a baby can be so small. I think I’m happy with our choice to deliver there – they seem quite holistic, and the facilities seem good. My only surprise was that despite having a great big bath in the delivery suite, you can’t use it once your water has broken. The only reason I would be inclined to change would be if I had complications that indicated I might deliver before 33 weeks – because that would result in the baby being taken to the local tertiary hospital (and separated from me).

Tomorrow we have another family lunch, and then I really need to get my arse into gear and do some Uni work!

Why I Don’t like Hospitals May 7, 2008

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I’ve only been to a hospital for a good reason, like the birth of a baby, a couple of times. That is not why I don’t like hospitals. Labour wards are great, they smell like flowers, and have balloons, and teddies, and there are babies! I don’t really think most labour wards are like hospitals at all really.

Personally, I’ve only had reason to be admitted to hospital on… 3 occasions. First, when I was five, I had to have my arm re-broken, after the first hospital set it at a 45 degree angle, and didn’t realise this for 6 weeks. I woke up during the anaesthetic. Second, I was in overnight with some weird breathing thing when I was 9. Third, when I was 10, I had some weird hip-pain thing, and ended up in traction for maybe 6 or 7 days. That’s not why I don’t like hospitals. In fact, as a patient, children’s wards are fascinating places with awesome toys.

I first started to really dislike hospitals when Brother was admitted for 12 days, after mangling his arm. He was in the same children’s ward that I had been in, 7 years earlier, and even then, it was still an interesting place with even cooler toys. However, after being in a hospital with a brother who may not ever regain full use of his arm (he did, he’s now fine) takes its toll, and I took a wander. And ended up in the ICU ward. Where I promptly freaked out.

The reason I really dislike hospitals may have started when my baby brother went to hospital to get his heart fixed, and never came home. I was 3, and couldn’t understand. Maybe because last year, the last place I saw my grandmother was in a hospital.

I know that’s why my mum doesn’t like hospitals. She thinks that having surgery, particularly of the heart or lung variety, is a death sentence. That’s why she really thought she was going to die during her lung biopsy this morning. I don’t like hospitals, because they are a reminder of what we are afraid of. I look around, and I see people who are clearly very ill with cancer. I see little girls in school uniform, walking around on crutches. I look toward their faces and notice the bandanas on their heads. I don’t like hospitals because they are full of sick people, and I don’t like hospitals because they fascinate me.

People go to hospital because they are sick or in pain. Sometimes they get better, sometimes they get sicker, sometimes they don’t make it home, sometimes its just a stepping stone and a forewarning of things to come.

I don’t like hospitals, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be there every step of the way for you Mum.

I hope you have your fears alleviated soon.