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Loving it March 21, 2012

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Being pregnant that is.

I’m just going to enjoy it. There is nothing today to indicate that anything is wrong.

So, in the interest of embracing this and acting like a real pregnant woman (fake it til you make it, right?), this is today.


So Thirsty!

Still waking at an ungodly hour, though having stopped peeing on overpriced stress devices, I can usually go back to sleep. Woke about every 90 minutes last night though, checking that everything was still ok.
Dull, achy feeling in lower abdomen, tending toward left side. Like early AF cramping, before the real deal starts. Eased by rest.
Occasional boob soreness (better today than the last few days though) – a general achy, bruise sensation if I mash them. Ahem.
Mild Nausea, followed by diarrhea (oh so lovely)
Crinone disgustingness
Sleepy, tired, overwhelming desire to curl up in my nest and not move.

After yesterday’s spotting, my nurse (possibly the sweetest girl on the planet) has recommended starting another crinone in the morning, which I have now done. There is the possibility that I may stay on these things until 12 weeks, but might be switched to pessaries if they are causing irritation. (which I think they are. The ‘clumps’ are a cherry/brown colour, but there has been no more ‘free’ blood like yesterday). I’m still scheduled for more bloods on Friday. This TWW (before a 6 week scan) is way harder than the other one!!

Waiting to hear back from FS for his opinion on metformin & PCOS in pregnancy. My reading says it can help reduce the risk of miscarriage by up to 50%, and that it has only not been proven safe in pregnancy, rather than having been proven harmful. It’s a dilemma that I am keen to hear his opinion on.

Edit: I’m staying on the Met until we see a heartbeat. Apparently it is widely widely used in countries such as South Africa, with no evidence of harm. And there is some evidence to suggest that it does help prevent MC. He wouldn’t go a far as to recommend taking it, but I didn’t get the impression he thought it was a bad idea.

The one with the unpleasant drugs, part the 58th January 8, 2011

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It’s been a while since I’ve ranted about drugs on here!

Metformin and I have a love hate relationship.

I love that it helps me lose weight, and kills my sugar cravings, but it hates my guts. Literally.

I’m on the XR, which is supposedly meant to be gentler on the tummy, but I’ve never found that. In the past (this is my third time starting on it) I’ve found that rather than dragging it out with a staggered dosage, I’m better to just go straight to full dosage, and hope my body catches up quickly.

The things we do…

Moving forward January 7, 2011

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So I’ve realised there were a couple of people that were
actually following my blog back in late ’09 early ’10 – thanks for
the welcome back!! I am trying to be more regular here (I’m
basically surgically attached to my phone, so I might as well put
it to good use!) although the once a day thing isn’t turning out so
well (some days just aren’t that interesting!). So one of the goals
this year was weight loss. Now like most people, I’ve had around,
oh 753 attempts at losing weight, all of which have basically
failed. I realised in early October that I was at my heaviest
weight ever. (leftover ivf weight, then months of emotionally
eating myself to whale like proportions) I also decided that I
wasn’t prepared to do Ivf again until I had lost a significant
amount. I got back on the metformin (ugh) joined a gym and started
being careful with food, and I actually lost about 8ish kg over
about 6 weeks. Then (excuses ahead!) reports, Christmas, holidays,
blah blah blah happened and I stopped being so careful, stopped the
met (after getting a 6 week long cold flu thing) and stopped gym. I
put on about 4 of those lost 8kg’s. My mum has being doing Tony
Ferguson for a couple of months, and has had some success (which is
great, because she is about as good at sticking to “diets” as me!)
– so I thought I’d give it a go. I do have some reservations about
meal replacement programs, but I know they work in the short term
at least, so even if I can shift a percentage of this weight
pre-Ivf, that has to be a good thing. When I went to find out about
it, I was pleasantly surprised. They have a specific program for
pcos sufferers and what looks like a good education &
maintenance program. I signed up there and then. I’m back on the
Met, and we went back to the gym. Now to work toward that other
goal: consistency.