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Feeling better September 21, 2009

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And, holidays are here!

Truly the best bit about this job, is that I’m never more than 12 weeks away from my next break. Which is just the way it should be!

1 Month and 1 day since the crimson announcement that IUI #1 didn’t work. I think I’ve made some progress.

Today, I decided to lay in the hammock in the sunshine with my beautiful little niece, who promptly fell asleep. This didn’t even make me want to crumple into a ball and cry for a week.

Perhaps its because she, at all of 13 months, is most definitely not a baby any more. Don’t get me wrong, I want a child more than anything else on earth, but my personal trigger for plunging into a deep, dark hole seems to be anything ‘baby’ related.

Or perhaps, it is because in the last month I have made a concerted effort to find other things to obsess over. I’ve been sewing like crazy, I’ve been playing with the camera, and fine tuning my photoshop skills. I have been talking to people outside the ALI world. You know, actually connecting with people face-to-face. Amazing.

We’re not cycling this month. We are moving out of the Outlaws and into the Grandparent Coccoon. This makes me Very Happy. It will be happening this weekend, if Mr. G is feeling healthy again (I of course have been sick for the last fortnight, but now that he has man-flu – OH NOES!!!).

I intend to do some research over the next fortnight about our options re finance for IVF. Otherwise, we will definitely do IUI#2 in October. Right now, I’m just loving September.

ICLW kicks off again today/tomorrow (depending on where you are in the world). Hi to people visiting via there 🙂 I really will try not to be such a puddle of misery this month!!

Thursday! August 27, 2009

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When did that happen??

I truly do not know where the week has gone. I have had a series of days where it gets to 4pm and I suddenly realise that I haven’t even managed to get to the bathroom.

As far as the crazeh hormones go, I *finally* feel more like myself. AF was the longest it has ever been (7 full days), and I have been a mopey sad sack all week. Can’t imagine what bigger doses will do to me!

I’m not sure what our plan will be for the rest of the year. We’re going to do a dIUI cycle again next month (Sept-Oct) which gives us another chance the next month (Oct-Nov). The question is, will we be able to fit in an IVF this year? Do we skip the Oct-Nov IUI and go straight to IVF? (Can we even afford to do this??)

It seems so silly to have a deadline, but sadly our funds are (of course) heavily restricted, and knowing that we would get back 80% of our out of pocket expenses for IVF, and have some frosties (Please just go with my wishful thinking here) before the Medicare changes kick in in January, would be such a relief.


Does it mean I have truly gone loopy and pessimistic to have a plan B, C, and D?

Flowers, Food Poisoning, and Freaking Out. April 11, 2008

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Since I last updated here, we’ve entered the 12 month count down zone.

I’m feeling very organised, over the holidays we did the following wedding stuff –

Organised the celebrant, and filled out the notice of intention to marry.

Chose and booked the photographer, paid the deposit.

Bought Mum’s dress – a pretty, Eve Hunter hand beaded gunmetal grey/green dress with matching bolero.

Chose and booked our flowers, which are absolutely gorgeous. Came in over budget on these, but they are absolutely stunning. We have chosen the bouquet in the upper left of the mood board, made up of the flowers directly underneath it. The bridesmaids will have a round loose posy of the same flowers.

Our Wedding Mood Board

I’ve decided to sell or return the dress I bought, I’m now going to hire one from Maggies. The plan is still to lose quite a bit of weight, and then choose a gorgeous dress. We also went looking at BM dresses in maggies, and chose the bridesmaid dresses, which aren’t in the dark peacock colour that I had originally hoped for, because BM2 had other ideas. I am still not 100% convinced about the ‘Montego’ colour (a bright turquoise) – but its not too bad. I hope to be able to see their version of peacock (a dark royal blue) before making the final decision in July.

Segue time!

The weight loss has been greatly accelerated this week! I went to year seven camp, which was a great chance to do all sorts of energetic type things, like multiple kilometre night walks across soft sand dunes, up and down hills, during which I got the dirtiest feet I have ever had; and horse riding, which was awesome, except for my newly acquired pretty purple and green patterns across my tummy, from sliding off the horse at the end of the ride. Poor thing, I swear she gave a sigh of relief to be rid of me. That night when dinner time rolled around, I was surprisingly not hungry. I had been ravenous at all of the previous meals, because as everyone knows, camp makes you hungry! however, I was feeling rather queasy, and decided to skip the meal. About 3 hours later, I was more than queasy, and rang Mr G to come and get me. That was Tuesday night. Its now Friday, I’ve been off work all week after being diagnosed with food poisoning (although work seem to want to write it off as a virus – therefore not covered by workcover – please, over 30 people came down with exactly the same symptoms, within 24 hours of each other – its so food poisoning). But the silver lining! I’ve lost 7kg’s!!

What we’re not talking about, and absolutely not thinking about, are the results of Mum’s chest x-ray, and sudden, urgent CT scan, which we wont have definitive answers about until next week. We’re not thinking about the words Hodgkins Lymphoma, or the fact that 25 years ago, she used to smoke 60 cigarettes a day. And we are certainly not Googling to find out what enlarged Hilars are, or convincing ouselves of other, much scarier possibilities. No. Not freaking out at all.

About to go all wedding, all time March 17, 2008

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Ok, so I haven’t posted in ages.

I know, I suck.

Im just not cut out to be one of those people who blogs every day. I could, if you know, I had just a tiny bit more motivation than I do. I’m just inherently lazy.

One thing I have been doing lots of lately, other than work, because my goodness, there has been work; is wedding stuff.

Now I know our wedding isn’t until April 5th next year (Yes, more than a year away still), but, I’m excited (Funnily enough)! I spend hours every week trawling the internet (or teh intertubes, or whatever) browsing through wedding stuff, and making decisions I probably don’t really need to make for another 6 months.

Progress at the moment looks like this

The Dress.

I have my dress! I actually picked it up ridiculously cheap only a few weeks after we got engaged. I happened to be browsing in Noni B, and they had their post-Christmas sale on, including their formal wear. I was rifling through racks, which included white dresses, and thought, oh that looks quite nice, wonder what size it is! – Long story short, it was the right size (for now), a good length (just) and suited me nicely. And the price!

The dress is really quite lovely, albeit plain. I do like it, but I do occasionally have second thoughts. Especially since trying on a Wow dress a few weeks ago. Bad move. The Wow dress is around 3 times as much as mine, for hire. 10 times as much to buy it. So, ouch. (although, its still classes as a cheap dress. Yes, mine was that cheap.) I think if it had a train, I would be a lot more in love with it. Maybe I can get it altered.

I also have my veil, that arrived today, courtesy of E-bay! Of all places! It really is gorgeous, fingertip length (even on me!), satin edged, with little clear beads stitched randomly near the edges. Again, heaps cheaper than the $160 concoctions in stores.

As far as apparel goes, that’s it.

But we do have a venue!

We only looked at one venue before deciding where we wanted to have our reception. On a warm sunny day, the weekend before Christmas, we went for a cruise down the peninsula. I think it was an unspoken agreement that Mr G and I would get married somewhere near the beach, even before we got to Portsea. I suggested we check out the Portsea Hotel, and we fell in love with it instantly. We’re having it upstairs, on the Portsea Deck, which looks out onto the beach and bay, around to the point. Absolutely stunning. We tossed up where to have our ceremony, thinking for a while that we were going to have it actually on the beach, but the hotel’s excellent function coordinator talked us out of it. We’re now getting married on the lawns, with the same view as the Deck.

We have also chosen a photographer, though we haven’t made any deposits yet. We are going to get Jayne from Brighteyes photography to take our photos. She has a package that suits us perfectly, and for half the price we budgeted for.

In addition, we have confirmed our celebrant, and will be meeting with her as soon as we both get our birth certificates organised, to fill in the notice of intention to marry (Wooo!).

Now the big remaining decisions are:


Bridesmaids dresses


The Honeymoon (When? Where? What?)

Cars (To have or not to have – at this stage going with not)

plus about a million other decisions.

Excitingly, it looks like I now have somewhere to stay the night before the wedding! Auntie J’s neighbour has a holiday house in Rye, which sleeps 10!

Means that all the people I want there the night before can be there, and gives us a place to ‘leave’ from!

Can you tell I’m excited?!

Now if I could just bloody well shrink (probably would be helped by me getting off my butt now and then) I’d be really on the way to being sorted!