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32 weeks October 2, 2012

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32 weeks. That sounds like someone who is significantly pregnant. And indeed it appears I am. Yesterday a brave former coworkers dared to offer me congratulations, so either she is jut very brave, or I’m finally at that point where the bump says baby.

People ask me how I’m feeling, tell me that im glowing. These are the people that see me between 10am and around 9pm. At these times, I’m usually feeling pretty great. But after that, the opposite happens. The whinge d’jour is heartburn. Oh my goodness, it is awful. And also why I am currently sitting on my recliner wide awake at half past three. The poor dog is quite unsettled by me being out of bed, and I don’t think Mr G knows what to do with me either, bless him, I know he’d take over in an instant given the chance.

Bubs continues to do well, as far as I know. He will have a stretch of days of being lovely and active, jumping around and making me giggle with his big kicks. He tends to spend his says head down bum up, and nights sideways, at least if the kicks are anything to judge by. Then he has quieter days that worry me, but if I stop and concentrate, I can still feel him moving around. Growing boys need their rest, I suppose.

55 days until D day, and 65 max until we get to meet this little person.

In our last semester of Uni before graduation, we had a lecturer explain to us that the reason final semester was such a PITA was to help us be ready to be forcibly ejected into reality. I think third trimester is doing the same thing. I could really have spent a long time in second trimester, enjoying being pregnant. I am still enjoying it, each little kick, each little milestone, each little moment that makes me feel like a Mum is a highlight in my day. But I am uncomfortable, and I am so ready to meet our little man.

Unexpected benefits July 28, 2012

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I’ve been overweight for as long as I can remember. In the last ten years, very much so.

This has brought an unexpected benefit to my pregnancy… I am not struggling at all with my body and the changes it’s undergoing – quite the opposite actually, I think it’s great! Now admittedly, in the last 23 weeks I’ve lost 9 kg, and only recovered one so far, in the last week. So it’s not like I’m dealing with ballooning. But even if I was, I wouldn’t care. Stretch marks? So what? Saggy bits? Eh, who cares.

It’s nice, for once in my life, not to be worried about this stuff.

Ignorance is bliss (7w2d) April 11, 2012

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Tomorrow is my ultrasound.

Tomorrow we will find out if there is a real, live baby growing inside me.

Tonight I don’t know.

And I can almost believe that ignorance is bliss.

7 Weeks April 9, 2012

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Made it through another week safely (I think).

At seven weeks I am:

Tired. Still. How very boring I must be to my poor husband, with the constant need to sleep. Right. Now.
Pukey. This one started up with gusto today. Queasy, then pukey, then pukier because I was puking. What a fun cycle that is!
Seriously sporting a belly, despite having lost a couple of kilos over the last couple of weeks. It’s not baby, I’m not going to be obnoxious enough to even suggest that. But the belly! Oh my! My I-lost-20-kg fat pants are painfully tight, and my belly has lost a lot of its squishiness. What is causing it?!?
I don’t have ANY desire to eat chocolate. At all. Instead, it’s all about the salt. (Hmm maybe that’s why I’m bloated?)
So annoyed at my mum. And I don’t even really know why. Just the usual button pressing has been turned up to 5 million.
Starting to maybe feel like this may be real. Maybe. A little.
Simultaneously excited and terrified for my scan on Thursday.

6w6d April 8, 2012

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It has been a very busy few days!

Thursday was our third wedding anniversary. Mr G spoiled me rotten, with beautiful flowers and delicious chocolates. But did I have a surprise planned for him!

For the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal, Qantas donated a number of ‘mystery flights’ – so I purchased a trip for Mr G and I! So off to Mysterious Adelaide we went! We spent the day doing a lot of walking and sightseeing. Highlights included seeing the Pandas and Primates at the zoo, and wandering through the botanic gardens. We were only in town for the day however, so headed back early in the evening. The flight back was rough due to turbulence, but with a full moon, thunderstorms and stunning cloud formations, it was a visual treat! Spectacular!

I struggled without my nap, and slept most of Saturday. Today we had a family Easter lunch, followed by a tour of the maternity hospital, where, all going well, we will deliver our baby. I had kind of hoped that it would suddenly feel a lot more ‘real’… But it doesn’t. There was a tiny premmie in the SCN… Hard to believe that a baby can be so small. I think I’m happy with our choice to deliver there – they seem quite holistic, and the facilities seem good. My only surprise was that despite having a great big bath in the delivery suite, you can’t use it once your water has broken. The only reason I would be inclined to change would be if I had complications that indicated I might deliver before 33 weeks – because that would result in the baby being taken to the local tertiary hospital (and separated from me).

Tomorrow we have another family lunch, and then I really need to get my arse into gear and do some Uni work!

6w2d. Mind = Blown April 4, 2012

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Yesterday afternoon something completely surreal happened. I booked myself into a maternity hospital for the birth of my child. Even typing that sentence feels like I am writing a work of fiction!
(We have decided to go private. I want the extra time and support (and to not be shunted out the door 6 hours post delivery then yelled at days later when my newborn has lost weight – this actually happened), and have witnessed a few friends receive far less than what I would expect through the public system. Plus I feel very burned by our awful experience at the local public hospital last time. Normally I have nothing against public health, but this… I want to do right.)

Ahem. Enough with the parentheses!

So, we booked with an Obstetrician. And they booked us with the hospital. Apparently before the average person’s pee stick has already dried, Obs and hospitals fill up. I thought we would make a tentative booking then call them up at some point in the future once this whole shenanigan felt a little more real. You know, like some time in 2013. But no, there was paperwork. There was a checklist! (I like these people already!) There was an instruction that I had to complete my booking in the next two weeks!

So it’s done. I am officially booked in to bring our baby into the world. Before I am even sure that it has a heartbeat.

Oh My.

Beta #4 (6w1d) aka relief, for now April 3, 2012

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25490! Doubling nicely, although slightly slower, still a lot quicker than the expected 96 hours. I had another bit of a worry session this morning, felt perfectly fine, not even sore-chested. This will hopefully buy me a few more days’ relief. 9 more sleeps!

Right on Track December 9, 2009

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Beta #2 just came in…


A 224% rise in 48 hours. Little Petri is doing exactly what he is supposed to be doing.

I really am pregnant.

What now?!?!

Windows December 8, 2009

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Yesterday, before the ‘but’, I had a strange glimpse into an alternate reality.

I looked around me duringĀ  my staff meeting, at the plentiful number of baby bellies, and I didn’t feel… that feeling. The one where my insides twist themselves into little knots. Instead there was something else. It was almost like wonder. It was almost like being normal.



On a side note…

I know I should stop this dirty little habit that I have… I wake up at a ridiculously early hour, and I need my fix. I lay there, thinking about it.

“What if it isn’t as good as before? What if it doesn’t make me feel the way I want it to? Yeah, but what if it’s so good, it makes you forget about everything else?”

And then, because I can’t help myself, I sneak out of bed, trying not to wake my husband, and I do it.

I pee on a stick.

And this morning, although it was still there, the line had faded.

Positive, But… December 7, 2009

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I’m 12dp2dt (14dpo), and they normally don’t test until 16dpo. It has to be around the 100 mark by Beta #2 on Wednesday, or they start talking scary, terrifying things.

For now, I’m pregnant.

It doesn’t feel the way I thought it would feel.

So we wait.