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Single digit countdown September 20, 2012

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I checked my pregnancy app before, and it told me there are 9 weeks and 4 days before D day.

This little person who is currently wriggling around in my belly is going to need to come out.

There is a BABY in there!!

Third Trimester August 25, 2012

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Going about things mathematically (40 weeks divided by three = 13w2d per trimester), today (26w5d) I officially ticked over into third trimester.

Mind = Blown

Fuzzy celebrated by waking me at 5:30am doing some kind of weird somersault. I’m sure Mr G thinks I’m strange when I wake up giggling, but it is really funny to think that there is a little person jumping around in there!

So, on the first day of the last trimester, this is where I’m at:

Morning Sickness – Mostly alright, most of the time. Haven’t thrown up since mid last week. Still not sure if I’ve seen the end of it. Suspect not. Don’t really care, as it’s easy to deal with.

Energy/Fatigue – have realized as I get more tired now that this has actually been pretty great for the last 6 or so weeks. Seems a little unfair that the nesting bug would hit at the same time as increased tiredness though!

Discomfort – not bad at all, really. I waddle a little (ok, a lot, especially when he’s wedged down low in my pelvis) but I haven’t had any rib pain, the aching joints have mostly settled apart from my dodgy knee, which has flared, and I definitely don’t feel huge yet. That long torso is handy for this pregnancy thing!

Health – had a shocking flu over my birthday, which lingered for almost ten days, the cough lasting much longer still. I’m still coughing a bit in the mornings. Had a scare in the last few days with one of my students getting slapped cheek virus (parvovirus). The doctor doesn’t seem to be particularly worried, but is doing blood tests to check my immunity. If I get it, it will mean extra monitoring for bubs.

Fuzzy – is growing super fast! In the last two weeks he has settled into very noticeable sleep/wake patterns, and the movements have become very strong. So much so, that I’ve actually spotted my whole belly contorting from time to time! He still likes to hang out down on my bladder, but it’s fun when he moves up. I’m pretty sure he hasn’t settled on one position as yet, as the movements are all over the place. Last week I felt 4 distinct prods on either side of my belly, like he was doing a biiiiig stretch! My belly is pretty wide, it amazed me that he could be so big already!

Worries – money. Enough said.
GD – have my one hour glucose test on Friday. Pretty sure, for no real reason, that I’m not going to pass it.
Fuzzy’s size – he’s a big boy. Perhaps this has triggered my worry about GD? I know that neither I or the donor are small (6 foot 1 and 6 foot 5 respectively), but I am a bit worried about delivering such a whopper!
C-section. I really don’t want one. Not being able to drive over Christmas would be really tough, and I worry about the recovery as a plus-sized girl (it’s meant to be harder apparently).
The dog. He’s a neurotic little thing. Barks constantly. No idea how that’s going to work with a sleeping baby!
The wedding I’m photographing at 30 weeks. 7 hours of squats. Bride & groomzilla. 30 weeks pregnant. Yeah, fun.

Excited about – everything. Only 24 more days of work left, and I’ve planned some serious nesting!
Midwife appointments, birthing classes, setting up the nursery properly, washing all the tiny clothes. 34 week scan. Getting huge (yes this actually excites me – I am really loving being pregnant and know I’ll feel a bit sad when it’s over).

More than anything though, I’m excited about meeting our son.

Final progesterone (10w5d) May 5, 2012

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Despite still being on a cocktail of pills (metformin & vitamins – found out earlier this week that I am severely vitamin D deficient), I just took the final dose of the drug that I credit with keeping me pregnant to this point. Particularly give the bleeding, which has slowed to occasional, very mild brown over the last couple of days, this makes me very nervous. I have no mores scripts, no more doses. I was meant to stop on Monday gone, but had been weaning down since last Saturday. Praying that the placenta is hard at work doing its job.

No more scares please, Fuzzy!

Just crazy (9 weeks) April 23, 2012

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So today the crazy lady hormones kicked in. Tears. Happiness, sadness, who-the-hell-knows-what-ness. Bizzarre. I just cried for ten minutes because I was hungry and I didn’t want to eat anything. Who *am* I?

First obs appointment today, Dr… Junior I think I’ll call him – he is seriously young! Nice guy, Mr G likes him as well. Long history taken, quick blood pressure check – and that’s it! I was seriously coveting a peek at fuzzy, but it didn’t happen. Seems I’m just a regular pregnant person! He is an IVF specialist, at the other big Melbourne clinic, so at least he gets where we’re at. Nice for a change. I desperately need to sleep.

7 Weeks April 9, 2012

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Made it through another week safely (I think).

At seven weeks I am:

Tired. Still. How very boring I must be to my poor husband, with the constant need to sleep. Right. Now.
Pukey. This one started up with gusto today. Queasy, then pukey, then pukier because I was puking. What a fun cycle that is!
Seriously sporting a belly, despite having lost a couple of kilos over the last couple of weeks. It’s not baby, I’m not going to be obnoxious enough to even suggest that. But the belly! Oh my! My I-lost-20-kg fat pants are painfully tight, and my belly has lost a lot of its squishiness. What is causing it?!?
I don’t have ANY desire to eat chocolate. At all. Instead, it’s all about the salt. (Hmm maybe that’s why I’m bloated?)
So annoyed at my mum. And I don’t even really know why. Just the usual button pressing has been turned up to 5 million.
Starting to maybe feel like this may be real. Maybe. A little.
Simultaneously excited and terrified for my scan on Thursday.

The Magic Number March 20, 2012

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Is 121!!

I’m really pregnant!

The guideline I’ve been given is that they like to see at least 100 on day 16.

Today is day 15, and I’m already over that magic number.

Of course it’s no guarantee, but I am feeling a little more secure.


Completely amazing!



Oh, and for the other POAS junkies, I used a FRER, and counting back to when I saw my very first line, fainter than you can imagine, my HCG would have been at about the 22-25 mark. A lot higher than the 6.3 Google told me, and more like what the manufacturer said!