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Go for Launch August 6, 2009

Posted by Natasha in Infertility.
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All clear on the ultrasound, lead follie @ 18mm.
LH indicates spontaneous ovulation, so I don’t need to trigger.

IUI scheduled for 2:30 tomorrow. 07/08/09.

Lets hope its auspicious.

Here we go!

Obsession August 4, 2009

Posted by Natasha in Infertility.
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I am the type of person that deals with life better if I feel prepared. This is especially true if I am facing something difficult. I will research, study, read, Google (yes, I will even consult Dr. Google). I like to believe that this is healthy, and understandable.

I read a wide variety of blogs and forums, and I consider the knowledge I have gained to be beneficial. Although it does feed my tendency to expect the worst, I feel more prepared. In this crazy journey, where everything is taken out of my hands, it gives me some semblance of control.

So at what point does a little knowledge become a bad thing?

On Sunday afternoon, I had the strangest sensation somewhere in the vicinity of my ovaries. I have never experienced ovulation pain, so I can never really pinpoint whether I have ovulated or not. (Of course, the over informed side of me now has this niggling sense of doubt that maybe I’m *not* ovulating). This sensation felt like someone had implanted a mobile phone inside me, and was ringing me while it was set to vibrate. That’s right, my ovaries were vibrating. (And no, not in a good way!). When I got home from that party, I noticed other changes associated with ovulation. And then I started to wonder whether my horrible mood that day was really the result of being pumped up on Puregon, because really, I’m not on that high a dosage.

I was convinced that I had ovulated, and that this cycle, consequently was a bust. I googled, and read somewhere that spontaneous ovulation could occur once Oestrogen levels were at 150[whatever unit it was] for 24 hours. I read on a forum that someone had appeared to be non-responsive to the meds, but her AF had arrived. I also read that a lot of clinics were doing more ultrasounds than what I had had (my last was in November – I hadn’t had one this cycle!) On the back of my difficult afternoon, I was well and truly in the mumphs.

Thankfully I had the presence of mind to stop myself both from ringing my FS after hours, and from rushing out to the chemist to buy an OPK. I had an appointment at 7:10 the next morning for bloods.

I will segue at this point to say that my clinic are amazing. Every single staff member that I have been in contact with has been fantastic, the nurses are absolutely lovely, they are organised (a huge bonus, given what I am hearing about MIVF – their competitor – of late!), and they listen to my concerns.

When I rocked up for my appointment, I asked to speak to a nurse (its not the patient nurse who does bloods), I was able to. I told her that I thought I had ovulated, and asked whether it would be possible to have an US.

They didn’t bat an eyelid.

I was sent into the suite nextdoor, and got to experience the dildo-cam once again, operated by a tech who was very heavily pregnant. These pregnant women are everywhere, I tell you!

The results were fine. My day 12 ‘lead’ follicle measurements were, right ovary 11mm, left ovary 9mm. Which apparently doesn’t actually classify as a lead. My bloods were ok, and my dosage is to stay the same. Another test Wednesday morning. The vibrating ovaries were explained as a result of the hormone stimulation.

My obsession, (and I justify this to myself by saying that it helps me to know my body better, which can only be a good thing – right?) is that I plug these blood values (which I ask for, again, credit to my clinic, the nurse will tell me) into a spreadsheet. With a graph. Which has a trend-line.

I know the magical number is around 400. According to my little graph, that won’t happen until day 20-23. Which seems off to me. I’m terrified of over-stimulating, but what if I’m overcooking these eggies?