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6w2d. Mind = Blown April 4, 2012

Posted by Natasha in Finally Pregnant!.
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Yesterday afternoon something completely surreal happened. I booked myself into a maternity hospital for the birth of my child. Even typing that sentence feels like I am writing a work of fiction!
(We have decided to go private. I want the extra time and support (and to not be shunted out the door 6 hours post delivery then yelled at days later when my newborn has lost weight – this actually happened), and have witnessed a few friends receive far less than what I would expect through the public system. Plus I feel very burned by our awful experience at the local public hospital last time. Normally I have nothing against public health, but this… I want to do right.)

Ahem. Enough with the parentheses!

So, we booked with an Obstetrician. And they booked us with the hospital. Apparently before the average person’s pee stick has already dried, Obs and hospitals fill up. I thought we would make a tentative booking then call them up at some point in the future once this whole shenanigan felt a little more real. You know, like some time in 2013. But no, there was paperwork. There was a checklist! (I like these people already!) There was an instruction that I had to complete my booking in the next two weeks!

So it’s done. I am officially booked in to bring our baby into the world. Before I am even sure that it has a heartbeat.

Oh My.