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7 Weeks April 9, 2012

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Made it through another week safely (I think).

At seven weeks I am:

Tired. Still. How very boring I must be to my poor husband, with the constant need to sleep. Right. Now.
Pukey. This one started up with gusto today. Queasy, then pukey, then pukier because I was puking. What a fun cycle that is!
Seriously sporting a belly, despite having lost a couple of kilos over the last couple of weeks. It’s not baby, I’m not going to be obnoxious enough to even suggest that. But the belly! Oh my! My I-lost-20-kg fat pants are painfully tight, and my belly has lost a lot of its squishiness. What is causing it?!?
I don’t have ANY desire to eat chocolate. At all. Instead, it’s all about the salt. (Hmm maybe that’s why I’m bloated?)
So annoyed at my mum. And I don’t even really know why. Just the usual button pressing has been turned up to 5 million.
Starting to maybe feel like this may be real. Maybe. A little.
Simultaneously excited and terrified for my scan on Thursday.

The new signals (5w3d) March 29, 2012

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Aching back? = Sit down you fool, and have a drink of water.
Twingy cramps? = Didn’t you listen when I told you I was thirsty? Drink!!
Aching boobs? = Stop working late so you can get to the shops and buy a new bra!
Feeling sick? = Eat! More! Now!

Apparently my body seems to know what it wants. Hopefully that means it knows what to do as well.

I’m making the change from Crinone to Pessaries tomorrow. At $200 a week, there is no way I could continue that. Hopefully things stay stable.

This week has been tough – 10 hour work day, 14 hour work/uni day, 10 hour work day. Far too little sleep. Holidays next week will be bliss!!

2 weeks today until my scan!!

Surprising, and yet kind of not… March 22, 2012

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I never thought I would be so happy to throw up. I have done it twice in the last ten years (migraine in 2002 and food poisoning in 2008). And yet, crouching there, feeling so rotten, I was thrilled. That maybe something normal might happen to my body.

I might actually be for-real pregnant.

Although sadly I don’t think I’ll ever feel quite the same about Thai 🙂

Awake March 22, 2012

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It’s nearly 530 am, I’ve been awake for an hour. I even pushed out bed time, so I don’t think it’s that. Crazy hormones!

Still no more spotting, thank goodness!

I’m also, already, the most pregnant I’ve been. Even though I officially made 4w5d last time, I had already started bleeding & cramping by the early hours of 4+3. Not quite the relief I was hoping for, but it will do. I so wish I was going in for my repeat beta today! I have to keep telling myself that every pregnancy is a wholly unique and precious little snowflake event, in no way influenced by any other pregnancy – not mine or the patients’ of Dr Google.

I had a more comfortable sleep last night, the hip/groin/ovary pain (still not sure which) seems to be eased by a pillow between my knees. Surely it’s too early for ligament stuff??

This whole process fascinates me- I thought I knew myself pretty well, but this is a new surprise every day!

Loving it March 21, 2012

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Being pregnant that is.

I’m just going to enjoy it. There is nothing today to indicate that anything is wrong.

So, in the interest of embracing this and acting like a real pregnant woman (fake it til you make it, right?), this is today.


So Thirsty!

Still waking at an ungodly hour, though having stopped peeing on overpriced stress devices, I can usually go back to sleep. Woke about every 90 minutes last night though, checking that everything was still ok.
Dull, achy feeling in lower abdomen, tending toward left side. Like early AF cramping, before the real deal starts. Eased by rest.
Occasional boob soreness (better today than the last few days though) – a general achy, bruise sensation if I mash them. Ahem.
Mild Nausea, followed by diarrhea (oh so lovely)
Crinone disgustingness
Sleepy, tired, overwhelming desire to curl up in my nest and not move.

After yesterday’s spotting, my nurse (possibly the sweetest girl on the planet) has recommended starting another crinone in the morning, which I have now done. There is the possibility that I may stay on these things until 12 weeks, but might be switched to pessaries if they are causing irritation. (which I think they are. The ‘clumps’ are a cherry/brown colour, but there has been no more ‘free’ blood like yesterday). I’m still scheduled for more bloods on Friday. This TWW (before a 6 week scan) is way harder than the other one!!

Waiting to hear back from FS for his opinion on metformin & PCOS in pregnancy. My reading says it can help reduce the risk of miscarriage by up to 50%, and that it has only not been proven safe in pregnancy, rather than having been proven harmful. It’s a dilemma that I am keen to hear his opinion on.

Edit: I’m staying on the Met until we see a heartbeat. Apparently it is widely widely used in countries such as South Africa, with no evidence of harm. And there is some evidence to suggest that it does help prevent MC. He wouldn’t go a far as to recommend taking it, but I didn’t get the impression he thought it was a bad idea.

Maintaining my sanity March 12, 2012

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It has been a busy few days in IVF land! Finally, time for a real post. The brief posting over the last few weeks is partly phone-related, partly because detachment from the process has helped, and
partly because I’m so damn busy. Full time work, new leadership role, part time Masters study, occasional photography work – it sounds stressful, but honestly I thrive on it, and it keeps me distracted.

We transferred a beautiful 5day blastocyst on Saturday morning. I’m not sure if I can post pictures from the tablet, so I will put one up once I’m back on the computer.

2 of the other embryos were at early blastocyst, and were to be frozen that afternoon, the other 3 slower ones (that I had expected to arrest) were, surprisingly at compacting/compacted morulas, and were being given an extra day to grow up big and strong. If they made it by yesterday they would be frozen as well. An incredible result from someone who had written herself off as a poor responder!!

I’ve felt ok – pretty zen unless I start reading blogs/forums/anything google turns up. Why can’t I stop that??

In the interest of convincing myself that all these “symptoms” are actually the bloody Crinone, a list:

This is what Crinone can do to you!!

Sore bbs (and veiny!) (and bigger!!)
Extremely tired
Vague food aversion (raw meat)
Somewhat achy, full sensation in uterine area (like period pain with the volume turned down)
Left side ovary pain last night that disturbed my sleep (probably a throw back to my ‘hard working’ left ovary during stimming)
Disgusting, lank oily hair
Gross oily skin
Higher HR
Digestive upset… Nice
Heightened sense of smell

The post-EPU bloat has returned today
And… Irritable! Sorry Mr G!

I will be POAS next Monday (14dpo). That’s when I got my first clear positive last time, and I realised that even though the pregnancy was short-lived, I was glad to have had the extra days.

I’m frustrated with the clinic today, I wanted to ring and check on our frosties – being a public holiday, the switchboard was only open from 1 until 2. Well, I rang every 5 minutes throughout the hour, only to be told the clinic was currently closed, and to call between 1pm and 2pm!! Ringing my nurse’s voicemail directly gave essentially the same information! So I don’t know how our frosties are going, or even if there are any there!

Off to find something desirable for dinner!

Stim day 2 November 9, 2009

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I have finally started jabbing. I know that I haven’t really waited that long, given that we’re doing an antagonist rather than a down-reg, but I feel like I had to wait for ever for AF to show up. I really hope that I never have to do a long cycle, it would drive me crazy.

The jabs themselves are fine. It stung a little last night, but I think I went a little too close to my belly button. I’m feeling a very bloated, full feeling though. Not sure if it is the drugs, or whether its because I’ve had so much water to drink today. I’m not in any pain, just feel a bit ill, like I’ve over-eaten… but sheesh, this is day 2! I’ll ring the nurse tomorrow, see what she says.

The forecast this morning was for 7 out of the next 9 days to be over 30 degrees. Mr G’s birthday bash is on for this Saturday, and it’s supposed to be 37 and windy I think. Eugh. I hate when either Autumn or Spring disappear, but particularly Spring because I like it so much.

7dpIUI – aka – so, symptoms, hey? August 14, 2009

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Well, after all my bitching and moaning, I feel a lot better today. Still a little tender, tired, and crampy, but otherwise, considerably asymptomatic.

I don’t know what to think. Part of me wants to test, just in case by some freak of nature there would be a positive, but then the rest of me knows that it would be negative anyway, and I will have to keep re-testing.

I figure the absolute earliest I could get any sort of positive would be Sunday.

Screw it, I think I’ll just do it tomorrow – at 8DPIUI! Madness I know, but I don’t really care.

I don’t know if I really even think it has worked. Mr G thinks yes, I… just don’t know.

I wish I did.

6dpiui – aka – Owww August 13, 2009

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Mah boobs! They hurt!

Also, cramping.

Also, can’t. stop. eating.

Also, can’t. remember. anything.

Also, must. sleep.

One more week until testing. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…

5dpiui – aka, the biggest whinge I’ve had in ages. August 12, 2009

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One week tomorrow until I test.

Argh, sooo tired (after 9 hours of sleep). Sooo hungry (after 2 lunches and 4 bottles of water). Sooo Irritable. My memory is ridiculous. I walk into rooms and forget why I’m there. A little crampy still, but really I think I’m just thinking these things into existence. I have really sore sinuses, but its probably just dehydration from the heaters. Freezing here today.

This feels an awful lot like PMS.

I’m sitting at my desk, waiting for the bell to go in ten minutes, and I’m really wondering how I’m going to make it home without  a nap.

Work was completely awful today.

When I was having all these issues at the end of last term (when my teaching partner up and left), I was told that I would have lots more support. Well that hasn’t happened. One of the people I teach with now, who is the coordinator, likes to bring her laptop and her marking into the room with her, meaning that I have to teach and control 40 kids. You can imagine how well that works. I am doing 98% of the load that should be shared by 4 people.

I can never get over how incredibly selfish the kids are. I know that sounds crazy, because of course I am talking about year sevens – teenagers – of course they’re bloody selfish, it’s their job! But they are terrible. They can’t even watch a movie that has been put on for them.Soo self righteous, demanding, and obnoxious.

Whinge Whinge Whinge…

I’m going home to see my husband for the first time since Sunday, and to have a sleep.