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Crinone is the bastard son of the Devil. November 29, 2009

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Severe Fatigue.


Memory… Wait, what was I saying?



Sore, swollen boobs.


Cottage Cheese.

Near-Certainty that this isn’t going to work.


Crinone – It’s the pregnancy you have when you’re not really pregnant!

3dpIUI – aka WTF are these “Symptoms”?!? August 10, 2009

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First a TMI alert.

  • Woke this morning, feeling quite nauseous. Sprayed myself with perfume, felt sick again
  • Digestively Eugh.
  • Still have very sore **s.
  • Came to work, walked into the classroom, I have super-smell! Someone was drawing with a permanent marker, and it again, made me feel ill.
  • I am incredibly tired.
  • The achiness has mostly gone.

If these are real, then I welcome them with open arms. If not, I wish they would bugger off and stop messing with my head.

11 days until AF is due.